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Free Kreigsspiel Revolution! play worlds, not rules.

Free Kreigsspiel Revolution (FKR) is a tabletop RPG movement and playstyle somewhat adjacent to OSR[1]. Instead of looking back to the early RPGs for inspiration, it explores playstyles from before D&D (or the term RPG!) was invented. Because of that it's sometimes also refereed to as Ancient School or Arnesonian[2] style. However, the real point of origin for FKR is Free Kriegsspiel - a XIX century Prussian wargame which abandoned complex rules of its predecessors in favor of having a knowledgable umpire (referee) deciding the outcomes and generally running the game.

Just like the games it takes inspiration from, FKR gives priority to the fiction of the game over rules. Players interact with the fictional world directly and rely on the impartial referee to create the outcomes. While it requires more trust between the participants than traditional RPGs, it doesn't constrain the player choice with mechanical systems. Simply say what you do and the world (via the referee) will respond accordingly.

At it's core, FKR is more of a style of play than it is a game. If you are looking for a mechanical puzzle that you can figure out and min-max, FKR might not be for you. However, if you are after staying in character and experiencing fictional worlds, you should give it a try.

FKR systems: #

While FKR is not really about rules & almost any game can be run in a FKR style, the below games are either made with the playstyle in mind or are just very highly compatible:

FKR Resources: #

  1. Old School Renaissance is a style of roleplaing aiming to recapture the magic of early RPG games, especially Dungeons&Dragons. It focuses on relatively light mechanics and rulings over rules. ↩︎

  2. Dave Arneson was a co-author of the original Dungeons&Dragons, known for running his games in a more narrative way, where players didn't have to worry about the rules of the game, and could focus soley on the fiction. ↩︎

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