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The Colophon. No cookies, No JS, No backend BS - just static html.

After seeing the realities of modern webdev, I honestly was ready to handcode this site like it's 1999 - frames, tables, warts and all. Fortunately, people smarter than me talked me out of it.

ƒdisk is a static site written in markup and generated locally with 11ty using nunjuck templates and couple plugins. It uses no cookies, no JavaScript and loads no external content of any kind. A few kilobytes of handwritten css completes the look.

ƒdisk uses whatever fonts you have installed and tries to look good while doing it.

ƒdisk is a proud member of NoJS and 512kb clubs.

The source files can be found on github - it's a patchwork mess that I plan to untangle one day.

Tweaks both pending and completed...
  • dark mode - investigate non-js way to enable dark mode. Will need to add extra css to turn black svgs and pngs into white if needed. Moon icon in top right?
  • seedling icon? - consider adding a seedling icon to let the viewer know what to expect before clicking on a nav link.
  • multi category entries? - can be faked with adding permalink "pages" to 11ty navigation that points to an existing page elsewhere. Should have a shortcut/alias icon?
  • fix printing of the website to actually work. I think it has something to do with the drop-shadow I use
  • ✔ down arrow - add an arrow icon in top right to scroll to the bottom to make navigation easier - added, but scrolls to the bottom navigation instead.
  • ✔ fix breadcrumb format - change breadcrumb up top from a list into a string of links, to make it work better with css disabled/text only/gemini - fixed and made so it only shows 3 "folders" deep to avoid obnoxiously long file path up top.
  • ✔ tags - use 11ty tags as categories? Place them after "contents of X" up top. Should encourage more exploration. Possibly wait until the site is decently populated, otherwise they are pointless. - after wrestling with 11ty for a bit, added them so tag pages auto-generate!
  • ✔ footnotes - test and format (css) footnotes from the 11ty plugin. Consider how they will look with bottom navigation AND the possible backlinks - footnotes work now, and even look half-decent with just a bit of extra css.
  • backlinks - investigate backlinks as a way to add connectivity between sites - decided against it in the end as it could get a bit messy, manual "see also" used as needed.

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See also: my philosophy for the web

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