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a thing in the making.

Advanced Make Believe is a collection of guidelines and procedures for collaborative adventuring in shared, fictional worlds. Not really a rulest, it's more of a manual for particular low-prep, laissez-faire approach to telling stories around the table.

The stuff's in my had, I'm just not sure what form it will manifest itself in.

Originally I thought it might be a book, or at least a pdf. You know, like other types of tabletop games. Now (after starting a "book" four times) I am thinking it might be better off as a blog, or its own wiki-like website, that can be turned into something more permanent down the line. I DO know what it is about: lo-fi roleplaying - simple rules, focus on the fiction and pretty laid back approach. Basically it's a manual how I run games, but I find it really hard to write all of it in a way to that can be understood by other humans without me there to explain ;)

I've been making-up stories with the help of dice for decades now. All throughout this time I enjoyed tinkering with the medium and eventually arrived at a playstyle that really clicked with me. Only when I discovered fkr. I realized that there is a decent amount of people doing things in very similar way, and even more people curious about it. The problem is that this style is less about rigid rules and more about mentality. It doesn't really fit into an idea of a rulebook.

...but I think there's value in writing it all down. Not only because there are people curious about it, but even just so it can be referenced. I can't tell you how many times I wished people just wrote shit down when researching early RPGs. So I want to write it down... just finding it hard.

So far all I have is a handful of manuscripts and the little header above. At least I think that the logo and graphics capture the mood I am going for pretty well. So I have that going for me. Which is nice.

Currently I'm running theLastBrigade using those ideas and viciously taking notes in hopes that once I start collecting and organizing it all, I'll get an idea how to present it so others can read it.

Stay tuned.

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