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The Annual.a chronicle of annual themes and noteworthy things.

Inspired by fellow merveillites and CGP Grey, I am integrating annual themes into my life starting 2021. This page keeps track of my theme progress and other accomplishments per year.

2021. the year of preservation.

This year's theme, preservation, is a response to what 2020 brought. It's a reminder to take better care of myself and find ways to build a bit of a financial safety net for the future. More than that, I want to focus on preserving and documenting my projects (which means I also need to actually finish at least some of them!), and things happening in my life (via journaling). Finally it's a nudge to be more eco-conscious in my choices.

2020. the last(?) theme-less year.

I didn't choose a theme, so 2020 did it for me - the year of COVID. Truth is, the pandemic didn't hit me as bad as it did others, but it was still not a good year by any means. It was stagnant and depressing and I ended up going through bulk of it on auto-pilot.

2020 things of note: #

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