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The Last Brigade making up, building and playing through weird alternative history.

The Last Brigade is a solo campaign which takes ideas from RPG, wargaming and possibly other stuff and mashes them together into a single tabletop experience. It takes place in an alternate 1920s/30s world inspired by pulp adventure serials, Hellboy, and Jakub Rozalski's art.

The basic idea is to play different types of solo games and through this play create a single narrative telling the story of the Last Brigade - a special unit tasked with investing and researching the weird, occult and supernatural and defending against their dangers. It's a bit like writing a collection of pulpy weird fiction in a shared universe, but with dice ⚁ ⚄!

It's also both an excuse to spend less time glued to a screen by doing wargaming stuff and a way to force me to think more about advanced_make_believe to get it off the ground.

Finally, it's a slow paced, long form project which exists mainly in my mind and on my tabletop. This page, in turn, serves as part repository, part memento documenting all the more interesting bits and pieces that come out of it. Updates will happen, but they might be slow and the stuff inside might feel bit messy and disjointed... but I am hoping it will come together at the end.

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